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Art Holiday


Spend an unforgettable five days at Art Holiday at the Eastern Finland!


We will be organising an Art Holiday at Louhitalo next summer on 4th until 8th of August.


Have you ever thought of starting painting pictures? Now there’s a great chance to do so as we’re are having our first ever Art Holiday at Louhitalo 4.-8th of August 2015. During these days you will get to paint with oil or acrylic colors.  We will also test monotype graphics and make some art exercises. You will get to see the national Finnish view when we visit Koli for inspiration.  As the teacher and tutor of this Art Holiday will be acting artist Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka.


The Art Holiday is suitable both for beginners or for those who have painted for a longer time.  


About the place


We will be in the Eastern Finland, North Carelia, in a small village of Louhioja, Eno that is located in the town of Joensuu to be more precise. We will be painting most of the time in Louhitalo that is a culture house owned by the Culture NGO Louhi (Kulttuuriyhdistys Louhi ry). The actual Louhi house has been built in 1938. The NGO Louhi’s aim is to provide cultural experiences as much as they can.


The Meaning of Louhi

The name Louhi appears in the name of the village (Louhioja), name of the house (Louhitalo) and is the name of the organisation itself. Louhi is an important character, the Mistress of North, in the finnish national epic Kalevala. She is the shamanistic matriarch and leader of the people of Pohjola (the North). She is the great mother, determined, wise and strong leader of her people who is  admired and feared by heroes of all kind. She is the strongest female figure of the epic.  


Content of the sessions:

We will begin each session with a 5 to 20 minutes of guided practice after which we are led to the painting theme and the learning objectives of the day. Jean Sibelius' pieces are brought to each session. We will painting during both day and night as well as indoors and in the nature. The program represented below is indicative and subject to change depending on the weather.

1) Landscape painting (light and shade, structure and form, observation based visual expression) 2) Developing expression (advanced chromatics and demonstration) 3) Painting excursion to Koli 4) Music of Jean Sibelius is brought to all sessions




Monday 4th of August


10.00-12.00 Arrivals to Louhitalo (Enon Louhioja, Joensuu) and welcoming coffee

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-18.00 Guided oil colour painting:

-Exercise 1

-Theme of the day: Light and Shadow

18.00-19.00 Dinner 

19.00- Accommodation in Villa Kokkola, free time (a chance to swim and go to a sauna)


Tuesday 5th of August


8.00-.9.00 Breakfast

9.00-12.00 Guided oil colour painting:

- Exercise 2

- Theme of the day: the structure of a picture and composition

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-18.00 Monotype Graphics

18.00-19.00 Dinner

19.00-21.00 Evening Painting Trip: meaning of colours

21.00- Free time


Wednesday 6th of August


8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.00-16.00 A trip to Koli to see the national view

16.00 Getting back to Louhitalo

16.00-18.00 Oil colour painting

-Exercise 3

18.00-19.00 Dinner

19.00-20.00 Free time

20.00-22.00 Night Painting

-Theme: Light and Shadow and the atmosphere

22.00- Free time 


Thursday 7th of August


8.00-9.00 Breakfast            

9.00-12.00 Oil colour painting

- Exercise 4

- How to develop your own expression and colours

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-18.00 Oil Colour Painting

- How to develop your own expression and colours

- Closing summary

18.00-19.00 Farewell Dinner

19.00- Free time 


Friday 8th of August


8.00-9-00 Breakfast and after that leaving to home  


What will you need to bring?

Bring your own painting equipment (oil, acrylic or watercolor paints).

Watercolors are recommended especially for quick sketching. If you do not have your own paint and colors, they can be rented for the duration of the holiday.


What Louhitalo has at your use:

Acrylics, brushes, coal, pencils, paper for sketching

Cups for turpentine and water

Paper for monotyping


Additional equipment can be purchased at a local art shop



Your place of accommodation will be the lovely, idyllic and modern Villa Kokkola by a beautiful lake (Kokkolan Erä ja Matkailu). It is possible to choose between single or double rooms. Transportation between Villa Kokkola and Louhitalo is arranged each morning and evening. Bicycles are also available for transport and leisure.



Both Finnish and English. The teaching is done in both languages if necessary, depending on participants.



If you will arrive first in Joensuu by train you can take a trains or a bus from the station to Eno, where the Louhitalo is. The bus takes you directly to Louhitalo (bus stop nearby). The train stop in Eno is approximately 2km from Louhitalo but we can arrange a pick up if needed and requested beforehand.    



Villa Kokkola fridge and pantry will hold basic breakfast needs and breakfast is self served.  

Lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner will be prepared for you at Louhitalo. The meals are healthy and delicious, loaded with fresh vegetables and local produce. All meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner) are included in the fee.



Registration is done by paying the 150€ registration fee through this link by June 30, 2015. If you wish to pay by invoice, please send your registration by e-mail to or call the chairperson of NGO Louhi, Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka (+358  50 304 78 65). When registering, please inform us of any food allergies or special diets. Please also note if wish for a single room in Villa Kokkola.



750 € / person / in a 2-3 person room

925 € / person / in single room

590 € without accommodation


The price includes: instruction by Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka, breakfast, two hot meals (lunch and dinner), afternoon coffee, accommodation at Villa Kokkola, excursion to Koli, painting equipment mentioned above.


The remaining fee after registration will be paid either on invoice or through The payment details will be shared to the registered when the number of participants is known after June 30, 2015. Payment period is 14 days.


Cancellation terms:

Cancellations can be done free of charge before June 30, 2015.  

Maximum number of participants is 15 and minimum is 8. After June 30, we will confirm if the minimum number of participants have registered. It is advised to book the travel to Eno AFTER the final confirmation.



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